Typically Swiss Tours first Blog – September 25th 2018 – a milestone


Hi there, it`s Chris, founder and owner of Typically Swiss Tours writing my first bog, I mean blog !!

I must confess, this is my first blog, I am not a professional blogger and forgive me if my blogging skills are not the best – I will do some research and try to make my blogs as good as can be so you can enjoy what is going on in the world of Typically Swiss Tours.

I will give you a brief summary so far. The company was founded in May this year 2018 and like the website says, is designed to provide Tours to couples or groups of up to 5 people to the coolest parts of Switzerland.

So far I have had 9 clients who have enjoyed being transported around several stunning and spectacular areas – the Rhine-falls pictured being one of them. The feedback from all the clients has been terrific and everybody has enjoyed visiting waterfalls, gorges, mountains or theme parks !! Clients have been primarily from the US but have also come from Germany and Saudi Arabia.

The business is still in its infancy and signs are promising. I have employed a chap called Joe from Lancashire in the UK, where I am from who will manage the Social Media and Digital side of the business. I will continue to nurture relationships with hotels and look at other creative ways to market the business in the hope that it grows quickly.

Quite some news is my car or Mercedes Viano Mini van was involved in a car accident – a “chap” in Luzern crashed into the back of our car and wrote it off so we have gone out and bought a black Mercedes V class which is really comfortable and stylish. I hope to have the first customers in the new car as soon as possible.

So that`s where we are right now. As for a blog you are probably thinking what the hell is that but I hope it gives you a little insight into the business which is all about providing people with unforgettable experiences in this enchanting and beautiful country.

See you soon and all the best from Luzern, Switzerland.


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