April 2021 will see the 2nd in the MASSiVE Series of Promotions and this month the focus will be on the Swiss Drinks Industry which is obviously a very big sector and very wide ranging with multiple brands across the hot and cold and non alcoholic and alcoholic sectors.

When it comes to the age limit, the legal drinking age in Switzerland is 16 for beer, wine and cider and 18 for spirits.  Coffee is the most popular hot drink and the coffee culture defintely exists here in Switzerland wth the likes of Starbucks and mutilple pop up coffee outlets springing up in towns and cities. In fact Switzerland are amongst the worlds biggest coffee drinkers with famous brands like Nespresso and Movenpick. 

Tea on the hand is less popular and like cofffee, sales are increasing especially green and herbal/fruit teas and together with hot chocolate and a swiss brand Ovalmaltine make up the majority of the hot drink market.

The soft drink market is also very well defined with the usual array of international brands mixed in with some national drinks such as Rivella and Apfelschorle (apple juice and sparkling water)

Alcohol plays a strong role in society and drinking like in most western countries is a popular activity both at home and going out which the Swiss like to do on a regular basis in restaurants and bars and at events.  The variety of alcoholic drinks available is very diverse and has increased in line with other western markets.  Whether it`s beer, wines or spirits, you will find a great selection of drinks and here I am very proud to showcase  6 drinks makers in Switzerland who produce some of the finest drinks in the land.  


Together they form MASSIVE DRINKS and will be promoted heavily during the month of April. I have a craft beer brand from Luzern – Luzern Brauerei, a wine grower in Luzern – Kaiserspan, 2 gin makers from Entlebuch in Frakmont and Studer, a Vodka maker Turicum in Zürich and Langutan, a Swiss Whisky maker from Kanton Bern

We start with Luzern Bier which was founded in 2008 and the beers are brewed to the old cradt tradition.  Over the following 2 years the brewery grew and the necessary equipment was purchased to enable the first Luzerner Beer to be produced in 2010. The entire production process, from malt grist and brewing to bottling and labeling. There is a good selection of Lagers and Ales and various other brews at certain times of the year.

All beers are characterized by their unique taste and freshness. They are not filtered, not pasteurized and not treated in any other way : a natural fresh product from the region, brewed in a very authentic way.

David Schurtenberger, Business Leader runs a team of devoted beer lovers and craftsmen taking pride to brew and deliver top quality beers to the local market.

Back in 2013 Merlin Kofler and Oliver Honegger had the idea to start a distillery and after taling inspiration from their visits to English gin distilleries, they started their “drinks”  journey together with their friends Philip Angst and Oscar Martin in Zürich where they reside. 

Less than 2 years later, they realised their dream to create «The goal was to create a gin that represents Zurich’s spirit and that caters to the locals’ taste, celebrating our city beyond its limits».  Local and regional ingredients such as Juniper, coriander seeds, lime blossoms from Lidenhof (the epicentre of Turicum, Zürich`s ancient name in Roman times, handpicked fir buds as well as rose hips from the region.

As well as distilling, the company offers Gin workshops, guided tours and events in their premises. 


Kaiserspan Weinbau owned and managed by couple Edith Mächler-Britschgi and Andreas Bachmann have been producing high quality wines in Seetal in Kanton Luzern for over 20 years. Growing conditions are excellent for Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Muscat Oliver and Riesling Silvaner grape varieties. Red, white, rosé and sparking variations are produced.

This family run business prides itself on producing wine with passion and years of knowledge and experience resulting in high quality drinks experiences for wine lovers all over Switzerland.

Frankmont is the brainchild of 4 young swiss entrepreneurs from Luzern, Carlo Fischer, Philipp Businger, Robin Odermatt and Mathias Näpflin.  A few years ago, they decided in partnership with Studer Distillery in Entlebuch to create a new Gin brand for the Swiss market.

The Frakmont Dry Gin inspires with its fine, classic juniper flavor, the light citrus note and a finish which is refined by the clear mountain water. The native herbs, which also come from the foot of Mount Pilatus, come skillfully to the fore. The crisp, harmonious note of rosemary with a hint of ginger brings the legend to life in the mouth. A mystical piece of Lucerne in all senses.

Langatun is the Celtic version of the name Langenthal, a settlement that can be traced back to the year 861. The name means ‘the fortified place on the Langa’. The word ‘Langa’ is an Old European name for water. Water is one of the most important ingredients in whisky making. The name of Langatun whisky is therefore a tribute to the area’s first settlers and brewers in this area.

This traditional business produces distillates of the highest quality by using old artisanal methods. The home of the Langatun distillery is the historic, listed Kornhaus in Aarwangen. The long history of Langatun (since 1857) is above all the history of the people, the region and the products, which reflect the company’s core values: Honesty, Quality, Commitment and Innovation.

Langatun whisky is awarded and drunk all over the world. The high quality of the casks, the precise method of distillation and the passionate commitment of the employees give Langatun whiskies their incomparably soft, complex and delicate character. The details of the production process are a well-kept secret to which only a few people are privy.

It was in 1883 that the four brothers Robert, Gottfried, Hans and Josef Studer set out from Switzerland to travel the world and learn the fine art of producing liqueurs and spirits in France, Spain and Scotland, among other places. Today, almost 140 years and four generations later, and with a wealth of specialist experience under its belt, the Entlebuch region between Berne and Lucerne is still dedicated to the production of the finest and most noble spirits. The small but subtle difference: today, the tradition-rich Distillerie Studer is not only one of the best distilleries within Switzerland, but rather plays in the league of the best distilleries in the world.

At Studer & Co AG, the master of the finest distillates, quality, tradition and craftsmanship are of paramount importance. To this day, the various fine spirits that the extensive range of products has to offer are distilled by hand in Studer’s manor house according to recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation and according to old fathers’ customs. Only the best ingredients are used, primarily from regional cultivation in Switzerland. And this is noticeable in many ways. Quite apart from the fact that the noble spirits with fine nuances know how to pamper the tongues of connoisseurs and lovers in a very special way, the fine distillates all enjoy an excellent reputation and are regularly awarded prestigious prizes and awards in national and international competitions.

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