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Ascona is located in the Ticino on a river delta formed by the River Maggia and on the shores of a splendid and sunny bay of Lake Maggiore. Sheltered by the mountains of the Alps, Ascona enjoys an exceptional climate in which hydrangeas, magnolias and camellias blossom as early as in March. Its unique position, together with a wide variety of landscapes, the mediterranean climate, the resort’s touristic tradition and the well known hospitality of the Ticinese people, make Ascona a famous holiday destination.

The History of Ascona

Ascona, often called the “Pearl of Lake Maggiore” for its cultural heritage as well as for its touristic offer, is one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in Switzerland. The Old Town of Ascona was built around the 16th century church of “Pietro e Paolo” and exerts a special fascination: an intricate web of lanes containing every kind of shop leads to the piazza, which lies directly on the lake. The panorama opens out over the lake where you will find cafes and restaurants in the sunshine. Visitors find plenty of opportunities for pleasant walks among gardens, along the shores of the “Lago Maggiore” on the vine-covered slopes above the lake, and in the Centovalli (100 valleys) with breath-taking gorges, sparkling waterfalls and bridges, colorful fields, vineyards, chestnut groves and sleepy little villages – the surroundings of Ascona are a paradise for hikers and bikers alike. The resort also offers plenty of boutiques, welcoming Lidos (public swimming areas) on the lake shores, and numerous options for all kind of sports. more attractions and activities in Ascona and the Lake Maggiore region.

Things To Do In Ascona

There’s a number of things to do in Ascona, whether you have one day to tour this beautiful city or numerous days to explore:

1) Take a stroll round Ascona
2) Experience the history and buildings of Monte Verità
3) Visit the Isles of Brissago and Brissago
4) Visit Ronco s/A and Porto Ronco

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