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Interlaken is captivating and a must for every Swiss visit! The small town between the crystal-clear lakes of Thun and Brienz is surrounded by Alpine pearls such as sparkling streams, fantastic falls and extraordinary mountain scenery including the famous peaks of the Eiger, the Moench and the Jungfrau. Already in the 18th century, mountaineers attracted by these and other peaks have been stoping in Interlaken, and also poets, painters and musicians have been fascinated and inspired by the natural beauty of the Interlaken region. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1790) or Lord Byron (1816) and Felix Mendelssohn (1822) have spent some time in Interlaken, and with their work generated more interest in visits to the Jungfrau Region. In the 2nd half of the 19th century several hotels were built and with the construction of mountain railways, Interlaken quickly became – and still is – a popular holiday destination.

Why Visit Interlaken?

The area around Interlaken presents a wide variety of attractions and activities, both during winter and summer. The nearby mountains attract sportive people such as climbers and hikers in summer, and during winter skiers and snowboarders. But also more relaxed mountain excursions are very popular to enjoy great views of the valleys and Alpine peaks from the summits. Interlaken also is ideally situated to undertake daily excursions to other cities such as Luzern, Bern or Thun. Of course, the town of Interlaken offers numerous options to spend a couple of days – don’t miss strolling along the famous “Höheweg” promenade that links the urban centre of Interlaken West with the much more scattered Interlaken East. It is one of the best locations in Switzerland for souvenir and watch shopping, and offers superb views of the Jungfrau mountain range. More attractions and activities in Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region…

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What To Do In Interlaken?

Take a cruise on either Lake Thun or Brienz
One round trip up the Niesen, Stockhorn or Nierderhorn
Visit the St. Beatus Caves
Enjoy a trip to Ballenberg Swiss Heritage Museum

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