Zürich Guided Tours

Zürich is Switzerland’s largest city, and considered the country’s most important financial, industrial and commercial centre. It is also known to be the intellectual capital of the nation and particularly receptive to contemporary trends associated with younger generations. Nestling beside Lake Zürich and along the Limmat River, Zürich offers a wealth of history, architecture, and culture, and splendid views of the Swiss Alps, and is an absolutely charming, interesting and beautiful place to visit. The pedestrian streets of the Old Town contain most of the major sights, including winding alleyways, 16th- and 17th-century houses, guildhalls and courtyards, and rather a lot of fountains (1,030 if you’re taking notes).

Things To Do In Zurich

Zürich and the surrounding region is home to the biggest number of museums and exhibitions in Switzerland. The Opera House and the Tonhalle concert hall attract stars of world stature on the classical music scene. The main shopping zone is concentrated in the city center, which makes it ideal for pedestrians. The Old Town of Zürich is home to historic buildings that host numerous boutiques and antique shops. Zürich is a trendsetting city and offers eating and drinking establishments for all tastes and preferences. You will find numerous options for activities in Zürich as well as a rich variety of possibilities for excursions in the region or to other parts of the country, which are easily accessible from Zürich’s centrally located main railway station.

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