Joe and Suzy from Philadelphia – Typically Swiss Tour 22nd Oct

Joe and Suzy had a wonderful day in the Bernese Oberland discovering some really interesting natural places and having some fun at the same time.

I picked them up at their Hotel in Interlaken around 9.30am and then we headed west to Meiringen and the Aare Gorge. This gorge formed over millions of years is a sight to behold. The walkways through the gorge dating back over 100 years allow visitors to walk right the centre of the limestone cliffs.

Then we journeyed onto the 13th century village of Brienz, known historically for it`s wood carving tradition. We walked along the promenade and took photos with the blue waters of Lake Brienz in the background. After a stroll up Brungasse known as one of the most beautiful streets in Europe, we headed to the enchanting Giessbach Falls and the magical Giessbach Hotel, opened in 1870 and now one of the “go to” hotels in Switzerland.

The falls are a natural beauty with snow melted water crashing down over several terraces. The walkway up to the Falls provide visitors with a close up of the falls and one particular point even goes behind the waterfall. The views from the top provide superb photo opportunities of the hotel and Lake Brienz. After a spot of lunch in the majestic hotel which was divine and a wander through the hotel grounds, checking out the oldest funicular leading down to the Lakeside where boats transport visitors across the lake, we ventured onto the awe inspiring Lauterbrunnen valley and eventually reached the Trunmmelbach Falls which have the distinction of being a Waterfall within a mountain. We climbed up several stairways to view the several chutes where snow melted water was gushing out at a rate of knots into the valley below.

Finally we made our way up to Isenflor, a small classic Swiss Village for some wonderful photos with the imposing pearly white 4,000metres high mountains of Monch, Jungfrau and Monch in the background. The day ended after a short drive back to Interlaken with Joe and Suzy thoroughly satisfied that they had had a wonderful day in the breathtaking Swiss countryside. I cannot wait for the next Tour !!! Thanks Joe and Suzy for being excellent guests.

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