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Luzern with its stunning lakeside location and mountain sceneries on its doorstep is one of Europe’s most charming cities. Luzern, the city of bridges and towers, is ideally situated in the historic and scenic heart of what many believe to be the “true” Switzerland – picture mountains, lakes, cowbells, Alpine villages and meadows full of Edelweiss. The centre, the Old Town of Luzern is a pedestrian area of cobbled streets bordered by houses, shops and hotels painted in medieval style or decorated with displays of flowers. Above the Old Town is the original city wall from which to admire the splendour and variety of the scenery. Luzern often is called “the City of Lights”: the name goes back to a miracle of light said to have happened here. According to an old legend, an angel showed Luzern’s first settlers with a light where to build a chapel in honour of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of fishermen and sailors.

Why Visit Luzern?

Once a simple fishermen’s village, today Luzern is a lovely small city with a thriving tourism industry, owing its development mainly to its status as a gateway to Central Switzerland, on the Gotthard route, the important north-south transport axis, sandwiched between the Swiss Plateau and the Alps, but also to the unique picturesque scenery of the region. The city became a center of Swiss history and legend, and is the setting for the most memorable part of the William Tell legend (the bit with the boy and the apple). Luzern’s Chapel Bridge and the Watertower are the well known landmarks, but besides the numerous sights within city limits, Luzern also serves as an excellent base for many excursions on the lakes and to the mountains in Central Switzerland.

Top Recommendations

City tour
Visit the Lion Monument
Take a boat cruise
Visit a chocolate museum
Visit a local badi (summer)

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