Switzerland is a land full of lakes and stunning towns and villages on the banks of over 1500 lakes, the majority of which were formed by glaciers. These lakes are spread across the country and some of the largest include Lake Geneva, Neuchätel, Constance, Luzern, Thun and Brienz. Across most of the big lakes there is a fleet of boats taking people from point to point. As well as this, you can swim in every lake and most have secure places “badis” where there are facilities etc. Boating and Yachting are very popular summer pastimes.

Lakeside resorts are very popular for these reasons and people flock to Montreux, Luzern, Lugano and dozens of small lakeside villages which complement the imperious mountains above. Strolling and having a dip on a summer`s day is equally as relaxing as climbing a mountain and certainly less tiring, but watch the water temperatures, they can be very cold

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