Luzern and its Mountains


Typically Swiss Tours is often asked by people visiting Luzern, which Mountain should we go up ? To be honest it`s a very good question as the 4 Mountains in question- Mt Pilatus, Mt Rigi, Mt Stanserhorn and Mt Titlis are all super excursions and if you had the time and the money, I would recommend a visit up all of them. They are clearly different in many ways but each has its own charm and attraction and one thing is clear, the views from the top of the Swiss Alps are breath-taking and memorable.

This blog will aim to describe each mountain attraction and showcase the primary features which attract thousands of visitors each year.

Mt Pilatus is Luzern`s house mountain as it dominates the Luzern skyline. At 2132 or 7000ft above sea level, the views from the top of the Swiss Alps are amazing and worth the trip up either by the steepest cog wheel railway in the world or by 2 cable cars stopping half way at Frakmuntegg where several activities take place such as the longest toboggan in Switzerland and a rope park amongst the many hiking trails and fire pits.

Mount Rigi is known as the Queen of the Mountains and was the first mountain railway built in 1871. 3 years earlier Queen Victoria made it to the top on horseback. There are hiking trails galore on Rigi and panoramic views stretch for over 150km. Rigi can be accessed by train from Vitznau and with gondola from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad. Boats sail from Luzern to both ascent points from Luzern.

Mount Stanserhorn has been attracting visitors since 1893 and has always been a two trip activity. The journey starts in Stans on wooden funicular wagons which take you 1/3 of the way up the mountain. Then you transfer to the impressive and the world’s first [7]  “CabriO” double deck open top cable car which transports you to the summit at 1898m. Travelling on the CabriO is a unique experience, being outside in the fresh mountain air until you reach the top where a revolving restaurant awaits you and some marmots, not to mention the stunning views.

Last but not least is Mount Titlis which is the tallest of the mountains at 3238m. It`s a 45min train or drive from Luzern. One reaches the top by 2 cables cars, the second one being the first rotating cable car in the world which travels over the glacier. Here you can visit an illuminated glacier cave from an entrance within the cable-car station, which also includes shops and restaurants. Also at the top enjoy the Ice flyer and the Cliff walk as well as the breath-taking views. The summit of Titlis is located above the snow line, thus it has a cold, snowy climate with permanent snow cover and freezing temperatures.

All 4 of these majestical mountains will no doubt provide visitors with a fantastic day out in the fresh mountain air. Add some stunning views, some impressive engineering and some delicious food, then your Luzern mountain experience is complete. It’s very difficult to choose one, so my summary is if you want snow, it`s Titlis, if you want walks, It`s Rigi, if you want activities, it`s Pilatus and if you want engineering it`s Stanserhorn. If you want a great day out, it`s all of them.

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