As TST Tours are few and far between these days, TST has tried to adapt and has become relatively successful in some digital or social media marketing. TST has reached out to several organisations and activities across Switzerland and has tried to create partnerships.  These have included with Tourism Agencies and mountains so that thy receive some free advertising in return for some competition prizes.  So for example last month saw a joint promotion with Graubünden Tourism and in return for 6 interesting FB posts and Linked In exposure, the Tourism organisation offered a night`s accommodation in a lovely hotel and for a first prize a 1st class trip for 2 on the amazing Glacier Express.

So this theme continues into March and as Easter is on the horizon, I thought it would be a cool idea to run a mega campaign all about one of Switzerland`s most famous export.  The campaign is called MASSIVE CHOCOLATE as it all to do with Chocolate and it will be Massive.  The start date is March 5th and  activity will be posted on Facebook all through March culminating on April 1st with the TST Newsletter featuring an interview with Urs Furrer from Choco Suisse, the Trade Organisation representing the best chocolate makers in Switzerland.

The plan is to offer 3 Facebook posts to all of the participating chocolate making companies which will hopefully provide some interesting insights into the world of chocolate. Here is some more information about the participating brands in MASSIVE CHOCOLATE.

Lindt is probably the most recogniseable Swiss Chocolate brand founded in 1845 by Rodolphe Lindt at its headquarters are near Zurich.  Lindt pioneered the conching method which evenly distributes cocoa butter within chocolate to enhance the flavour.  Their 2020 Home of Chocolate is the largest Chocolate museum in Switzerland and contains the world`s largest chocolate fountain at 9m in height.

Aeschbach Chocolate is a smaller family owned Chocolate factory based in Luzern. Aeschnbach`s chocolate is hand made and uses the freshest ingredients.  At there factory there is  the excellent Choco World where the history and production of chocolate  is superbly exhibited.  You  can make your own chocolate bar and of course sample some delicious chocolate and enjoy a drink in the cafe.

Cailler, the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence since the early 1820s, is nestled in the foothills of Gruyères. Its chocolates are produced at Maison Cailler. In 1929 Cailler merged with Nestle and produces a range of brands. You can learn about their chocolate through a multi-sensory experience and of course take time to sample their chocolates and buy some product in the well stocked shop.

Läderach first started production in Glarus in 1962. Discover all you need to know about Läderach and much more in the new House of Läderach. Experience an unforgettable day in our new event location with café, factory store, chocolate museum, live production and a walk-in atelier where you can make your own chocolate.  Läderach is famous for it`s different slabs of chocolate in Läderach shop windows across the land.

Aquilino Maestrani was one of the founding fathers of a chocolate culture that survives to the present day. In 1852, the ambitious entrepreneur and inventor founded the Maestrani company and helped shape the history of Switzerland. The factory in Flawil covers 4 famous brands – Minor, Munz, Maestrani and the Chocolarium which is an interactive experience showing us how Happiness makes it`s way chocolate !!

For more information on MASSIVE  CHOCOLATE  go to or check out Linked In or the TST Newsletter out 1st April in tine for Easter,


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