Reasons to visit Switzerland


Switzerland is bursting at the seams with activities catered to young and old, with a varied and exciting range of things to do. There are many reasons to visit Switzerland.

Why choose Switzerland?

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland offers so much, including:

  • Delicious food
  • Breathtaking mountain scenery
  • Adrenaline-pumping activities 
  • A seamless way of getting around (thanks to the country’s superb organisation). 

After one visit, there is no doubt that you will want to return. It truly is one of the most exquisite countries in the world.

Visit Switzerland for the beauty

The Matterhorn in Switzerland

If you are looking for spectacular natural beauty, in particular picturesque lakes and mountains, look no further. People the world over flock here to submerge themselves in the glorious nature waiting around every corner. The Matterhorn, near Zermatt, is the most-photographed mountain in the world and is just one of the thousands of amazing places to visit.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere

Relaxing cup of tea

The fast pace and the hustle and bustle of stressful living are unknown in Switzerland. Even life in the bigger cities of Zurich, Basel and Geneva does not reach a pace faster than ‘chilled’, while Bern itself is known for its slower pace. Switzerland has a fantastic work-life balance. Of course, people do work hard, but at the same time, there are incredible amounts of leisure activities to pursue.

Everything runs like clockwork

Whether it’s the public transport and healthcare system, or merely keeping the place pristine, Switzerland is unique in the way the country operates; making living and visiting a joy. Swiss society is well organised and, for the traveller, everything from accommodation and transport to activities is here to enjoy.

When you visit Switzerland, you pay for what you get

Swiss Rolex watch

Switzerland is not a cheap country, that is a fact. Eating out and shopping are two of main expenses and, bearing in mind that Swiss salaries are 30-50% higher than other European countries; and the Swiss Franc is traditionally strong, you can see why it is pricey. However, you receive good value for most things, and the quality is there on goods and services. If you are prepared to look, you can definitely find some cheap deals.

It’s an international country

With over 20% of the population being nonnative, you are never too far from migrants who are either working temporarily or have settled here permanently. In most cities, several nationalities are making a real melting pot of cultures. This diverse mix compliments the Swiss and their traditional conservative, but friendly attitude.

Swiss Cheese and Chocolate – a trip to heaven

Swiss chocolate

If you love cheese, you have come to the right place. Four hundred different delicious types are produced here, and there are several tasty cheese dairies to visit, some of which are very interactive and interesting. From Gruyere to Emmental to Appenzell, Swiss cheese is literally around every corner.

The same goes for Swiss chocolate. Large and small companies produce it and, like cheese, there are plenty of chocolate factories that have opened their doors to the public. Part of the tour includes understanding the history of the establishment and how chocolate is made. Of course, there is the obligatory, and delicious, tasting session.

Skiing in Switzerland – Its snow snow snow

Swiss alps in winter

Switzerland is a mecca for skiing, and some of the world’s finest resorts and pistes are here. It’s no surprise that everything is organised and works well, not to mention the views are amazing. And it’s not just skiing or snowboarding, try sledging or snowshoe walking, or simply take a hike in the snow – it’s simply stunning, and with several world-famous resorts to choose from, such as Verbier, St Moritz and Zermatt, you will be spoilt for choice.

Switzerland weather is stunningly seasonal

You will normally experience the four-season climate, making a cacophony of super cool activities possible, from skiing in the winter to lake-swimming in summer. There can be quite a range of temperatures throughout the year, from minus four or five to thirty degrees celsius. Many micro-climates exist meaning that certain areas, such as Basel and Ticino, have very mild climates. 

Switzerland is Europ’s roof

Mountains railway Switzerland

With more than 50 peaks over 4,000m, a breathtaking view is never far away. Thousands go up on cable cars and mountain railways to experience these magnificent and exhilarating panoramas and vistas. Some of the mountains are very commercialised with modern facilities such as restaurants, shops and activities to cater for the hordes of people that flock there. And it’s an all-year-round adventure with skiing and sledging areas giving way in warmer months to hiking trails.

Visit Switzerland for more than just mountains

river in Switzerland surrounded by snowy mountains

Switzerland boasts over 1,000 rivers and lakes, some of which are Europe’s biggest and most beautiful. Expect crystal clear fresh-water, with safe and supervised bathing areas, paired with beautiful scenery. 

Just a few examples of stunning Swiss lakes include:

  • Lungern
  • Geneva 
  • Luzern 
  • Walen 

Immerse yourself in culture

Fasnacht carnival mask with confetti

Switzerland has twenty-six Kantons (or states); each with its own culture and traditions dating back decades, if not centuries. There are festivals and events taking place all year, covering so many different pastimes and celebrations.

Fasnacht in Luzern, the Gay Parade in Zurich and the Alpzug, when the cows come down from the mountains in the Autumn, are just 3 of thousands of cultural events you can choose from.

Whether you are just passing through or are planning a more extended trip, we can help you make your visit memorable.

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