Why Choose a Private Tour in Switzerland

Tours are a wonderful way to experience what any destination has to offer.  Typically Swiss Tours (TST) is no exception.Typically Swiss Tours

There are multiple tours for every budget and interest level. These can be a simple one day set itinerary tours to more complex multi-day tours taking in several locations. Clearly embarking on a tour with a local tour company with experience will certainly add value and take away the hassle of trying to organise it on your own.

A major advantage of booking a Private guided tour is the option for a personalised , tailor-made tour.  Typically Swiss Tours, like most tour companies has many pre planned options on the website – www.typicallyswisstours.com. However TST offers clients to personalise or customise tours which means you can choose exactly what you want to do and see and how long you want the tour to be.  Some good examples are a tour that takes in an activity such as water skiing or a paraglide or wants to visit a particular town or village.

Typically Swiss Tours

For those clients who either have or have not done the research a private tour guide will get to know you and take the time to plan a day according to your wishes.  Perhaps there are certain important aspects about mobility and diet which are important to the tour which clearly can be added to the discussion to base a tour around the guests. And with technology being what is it this days, there is really no excuse not to build up a good relationship with clients so that when the day, there is no need to break the ice.

Typically Swiss Tours

The size of the private tour really depends on the size of the vehicle the Guide has and in TST`s case it is a 6 seater, Mercedes V Class. Tours are always exclusive to the party and arrangements are made as much in advance of the tour as possible, normally by a Zoom call so people can get to know each other. The in terms of the day itself, the guide will ensure that the places discussed are covered and then will try to always add on elements as surprises. All with the intention  of giving the guests a truly memorable day.

Typically Swiss Tours

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